Det er bare en ting som gjør en drøm uoppnåelig: frykten for å feile.

                                                                                               Paulo Coelho


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Vår siste videoer!

Endelig har vi fått tid til å begynne med litt videoredigering! Husk å se filmen i HD og stort vindu (knappene er nede til høyre på bilde) 🙂 Videre vil vi legge ut video i noen blogg innlegg, samt samle alle sammen på videosiden vår.

After two months in Paradise,  aka San Blas, we did not expect that our next anchorage would live up to the high standards that we had got used to…. We where wrong. Maby not exotic and untouched in the same way as San Blas, but never before have we been to a place where the locals almost get offended if you lock your dinghy, people are more welcoming, the scenery is more «pirate» like, and the water has been clearer. On topp of it all we got some very good local and sailor friends. Come along and explore this island which is now as the Tahiti of the Caribbean!

Kuna Yala part 1 from Snorre Føreland on Vimeo «Kuna Yala…. Not often do you go some where and the stories you have been told about the place by other sailors before you go are not good enough to describe the real thing. Kuna Yala, or San Blas, is one of these places. Join Spinnvill to Paradise.» PS If you want english subtitles, just press the «CC» button in the bottom right.

In Colombia part 2 we abandon Spinnvill in the Santa Marta marina, and go explore this great country! The amazing Zona Cafetera, cozy Salento, the marvellous Cocora valley and the most dangerous city in the world during the 90’s – Medellin. Pssst, click on the «CC» button on the bottom right of the movie to add english subs 🙂 from Snorre Føreland on Vimeo.

Join Spinnvill to a new continent! We sail from Aruba to Santa Marta in Colombia! Jungle hikes, Tyrona national park and a trip up in the worlds highest mountain range – the Sierra Nevada. If you ever wonderd abaout going to this great country, GO!!! The fun continues in Part 2 🙂 Psst, there is english… from Snorre Føreland on Vimeo.